6 Genius Ways to Save on Meat

Is meat killing your grocery budget? Learn 6 genius ways to save on meat without eliminating it!

Is meat killing your grocery budget? Learn 6 genius ways to save on meat without eliminating it!
Let’s get real here for a second or two. Meat is downright expensive and can lead to you easily blowing through your grocery budget. Yet we still continue to buy it all of the time, even though we know we would be offer off with less of it.

In my house, we have a major culprit of the meat crisis and that’s my husband. He thinks a meal without meat isn’t a meal at all and the meat is the main dish. It’s taken a lot of energy to change his mindset, he is now starting to see the light on the other side. Yours will, too.

The solution to saving on meat isn’t eliminating meat from your meals, but utilize ways to stretch it or purchasing it at the right price. Below you will find 6 genius ways to save on meat. If you practice all of these tips, I guarantee you will start to a notice a difference in hardly no time!

Genius Ways to Save on Meat

1.) Purchase Different Cuts of Meat – We all love steaks, especially the premium cuts – new york strip, etc. However, it’s not realistic to have a premium steak every week. Try a chuck eye steak instead. Craving pork chops, try a pork shoulder and cut them into pork chops! Be your own butcher and you will start to see how much this cuts down on your budget. Marinades are you friend here and will help with the texture and flavor of the lower-quality cuts. With some meats, you can also cook it in your slow cooker and that will also help to tenderize it.

2.) Purchase Whole Chickens – This goes hand-in-hand with number 1. I love the convenience of having the store breakdown different pieces of the chicken, but the price tag is not worth it. With purchasing whole chickens, you have all of the different cuts, plus the carcass to make homemade stock. Which is perfect for soups or as a base for sauces.

3.) Discounted Meat or Manager Specials – At our local stores, we can find great manager specials during the day before the big rush comes in. Check with the butcher in your store to see when they markdown the meats. Sometimes they are marked down for a couple of bucks or more, every little savings helps. You can even use Zaycon Foods, the discount for purchasing in bulk is huge. We also love their quality of chicken breasts. Most of the time, the price of Zaycon chicken is the same as purchasing a whole chicken.

4.) Utilize Fillers – Treat your meat as a side dish instead of the main component of a meal. If you are making tacos, try adding beans to the meat. You will hardly notice the difference and the stretches the ground meat out beautifully. We hardly ever serve whole chicken breasts in a meal and if we do, I also add 2-3 extra veggies. It’s healthier, too.

5.) Eat Less Meat – Try having a meatless Monday or Thursday to your meal plan. There are so many meals where you can omit the meat and add in extra vegetables or beans. Here are some vegetarian recipes you might want to add to your next meal plan!

6.) Be Intentional with Leftovers – Some people just aren’t a fan of leftovers and there is nothing wrong with that unless you add them to the garbage can. We love leftovers around here, or I do, because that means I do not have to cook dinner the next day. Most of the time, we use leftovers for lunch. Another place I go to all the time looking for ways to re-purpose leftovers is Pinterest. Extra veggies, add them to a stir-fry. Things like that, will definitely help you to save on meat.

Do you have any tips or tricks that help YOU save on meat?

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  1. Quanah says

    I buy garlic or traditional rotisserie chicken. It will make 2-3 meals. Debone and chop chicken for chicken salad, tortilla soup, chicken enchiladas, or casseroles. The list is endless. Less prep time and it can be frozen for later!

  2. says

    Your husband sounds exactly like mine! He always says that a meal without meat is just a snack. I really doubt the once-a-week meatless meals would fly here, but I’ll definitely be incorporating the other tips.

    • The Frugal Gal says

      Hey Becky. It took a long time for him to get used to just ONE meatless meal. Hopefully you are able to bring your husband to the other side for just one meal! :)

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